University of California, Los Angeles
Professor, Department of Design | Media Arts
Director, Art | Science Center
Broad Art Center, Los Angeles, CA 90095
tel: 310.794.2118
Visiting Professor, Director of Research,
Parsons the New School for Design

DOB: 6.9.59, Washington D.C.


2000 Ph.D. CAiiA - Centre for Advanced Studies in Interactive Arts, University of Wales, UK
Thesis: “Networked Public Spaces: An Investigation into Virtual Embodiment”
1984 Fine Arts Diploma -Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1976 HS of Art & Design, New York.


1992 – 95, Assistant Professor, UC Santa Barbara
1995 – 99, Associate Professor, UC Santa Barbara
2000 – present, Professor, UCLA
2009 – present, Visiting Professor, Director of Research, Parsons the New School for Design, NY
2005 – 07, Director, UC Digital Arts Network (UC DARnet)
2006 – 08, Director, D|MA Summer Institute, UCLA
2006 – 09, Director, Sci Art Summer Institute, UCLA
2006 – present, Director, Art | Sci Center + Lab,
Art & Architecture / California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI)


“Blue Morph.” Installation. Theater DoZ,
Santa Ynez, CA, Mar 20.
“Water Bowls.” Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong, Nov 13-22.
“NanoMandala” and “Zerowave”. Electronic Universe. Tenerife, Spain. Exhibition opens
September 25 - October 25, El Tanque, Espacio Cultura.
“The Katrina Project: NO-LA.” Information Aesthetics Showcase, Siggraph, New Orleans,
Aug 3 – 7.
“The Hox Zodiac.” Installation. INDAF, Incheon International Digital Art Festival,
Incheon, Korea, Aug 7.
“Blue Morph.” Installation. In collaboration with James Gimzewski. Integratron,
Joshua Tree, CA, Jan 1.

“Quantum Tunnel.” Installation. MedienKunstLabor (Media art laboratory), Graz, Austria,
Nov 21.

“Blue Morph.” Installation. CIANT Gallery,
Prague. Sep 11 – Nov 25.
“Blue Morph.” Installation. ENTERmultimediale
festival 3. May 11, 2007 – July 1, 2008.
“Blue Morph.” Installation. Tesla: Extraterrestrial Vibrations. The Integratron, Joshua Tree,
June 9.
“Blue Morph.” Happening. The Integratron, Joshua Tree. June 9.

“Nanomandala.” Location One Gallery, New York. Dec 16, 2004 – Jan 29, 2005.

"Nanomandala." NOTT MEMORIAL, New York. Apr 11 – 24.
“Nanomandala.” Stefania Miscetti Studio, Rome, Italy, Mar 30 – Apr 30
“Any/Nano/Body.” In collaboration with choreographers Norah Zuniga-Shaw, Marianne Kim.
LACMA West, Los Angeles, CA. Sep 5.
“Nano Fashion.” The Annual Otis Scholarship Benefit and fashion Show. In collaboration
with fashion designer Isabel Toledo. Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.
"Cellular Trans-Actions." Performance. The Lab, San Francisco. Nov 10.

“NANO." In collaboration with James Gimzewski. Los Angeles County Museum of Art,
LACMA Lab. Dec 14, 2003 – Sep 6, 2004

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"Sometimes a Cigar is Only a Cigar (Freud)." Performance. Image One Gallery, NYC.
C.A.G.E, Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Crnica." Installation. SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
"Sometimes a Cigar is Only a Cigar (Freud)." Video installation. Special projects, P.S. 1
Museum, L.I.C. NYC.

"Sictransitgloriamundi." Installation. Yugoslav Cultural Center, NYC.

"Sictransitgloriamundi." Performance. Moltkerei Workspace, Cologne, Germany.

"Thunderbolt." Performance and video. Festival Nacional L'Unita, Ferrara, Italy.
"Red Angel." Performance and video. Pyramid, Kamikaze, Danceteria, NYC.
"Viscious Circle/ Golden Lies." Performance and film. SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

"Black Rain." Performance. Pyramid Club, NYC.
"Thunderbolt." Installation and performance. SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
"Red Angel." Environmental installation and performance. Motovun, Yugoslavia.


“Blue Morph.” Hybrids, Trondheim Matchmaking, Festival for Art and Technology,
Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, Trondheim, Norway, Oct 17.

”Nanomandala.” @art Outsiders. Maison Européenne Photographie, Paris,
Sep 12 – 30.
"Blue Morph" Premiering at BIOS 4, CAAC: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo /
Seville, May 3 – Sep 2.
“Water Bowls,” Feedback/Feedforward, Laboral gallery, Gijon, Asturias, Mar 21 – July 30.
“Water Bowls,” Fringe Exhibitions, Loa Angeles representing video work at the Miami/Basel
fair, Dec 5 – 11.
“Mood Swings,” Cyberfem. Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castello (EACC), Castellan, Spain.
July 7 – Sep 17.

“Nanomandala, Fluid Bodies, Zero@wavefunction,” Quantum tunnel at the Singapore
Science Museum, Dec 8 2006 – 2011.
“Zero@Wavefunction.” The 2nd Art & Science International Exhibition & Symposium,
Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Nov 11 – 25.
“Water Bowls,” Second Natures, Opening of the Broad Art Center, UCLA. Sep 13 – Oct 26.

"Mood Swings." Exhibition. Inside Out Loud: Visualizing Women's Health in
Contemporary Art, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, University of Washington, St. Louis,
Jan 21 – Apr 24.
“Mood Swings,” Ladyfest Berlin, Galerie Tristesse, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Aug 5 -13.
"Cell Ghosts," Apeejay Media Gallery, New Delhi, Feb.

"Balkan Ghosts." The Art of the Mediterranean, MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art,
Rome, June 19 – Sep 1.
“Balkan Ghosts.” Swabian Castle, Trani, Confini, Rome, Sep 24 – Oct 24.
"Cell Ghosts," Crash & Flow, Seoul Shinchon Art Festival, Seoul, Korea, Sept.
“Cell Ghosts,” Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China. Nov 24 – 27.

“No Time Screensaver.” Sao Paulo, Brasil. May 10.
"Parallels and Intersections: A Remarkable History of Women Artists in California

1950 – 2000
" San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA.
June 1 – Nov 3.
"Zero@wavefunction." Biennale for Electronic Arts, Perth. John Curtin University of
Technology, Perth, Australia. July 31 – Sep 15.
“Zero@wavefunction.” University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. June 10.

Avatars & Others: "Cellular trans_actions: 091101." Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst,
Oldenburg, Germany.
Media Connection: "Bodies Incorporated." Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome.
"New York Bodies." Trompe l'oeil at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.
May 10 - June 24.
"Secret Agent." Collaborations with UC DARNET and Karen Black. Arizona State
"notime." Commissioned work, travelling exhibition. Exhibited at Telematic Connections:
the Virtual Embrace. San Francisco Art Institute, Feb 7 – Mar 25; Art Center, College of Art
and Design, Pasadena, California, May 5 – June 30; Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas,
July 20 – Sep 18; Atlanta College of Art and Design, Atlanta, Georgia, Oct 11 – Nov 25.

"ZKM Bodies INCorporated." Anagramatic Bodies, ZKM, Karlruhe, Germany.
"Secret Agent." Collaborations, with UC DARNET. Arizona State University.

"Datamining Bodies." Ruhr Visions, Dortmund, Germany.
"ZKM Bodies INCorporated." Net Condition, ZKM, Karlruhe, Germany. Sep.
"Bodies INCorporated." II Bienal de Mercosul, Cibearte: zonas de Interacao.
Porto Allegre, Brazil.

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Sep 9 – Nov 9.
"Projections: Intermission Images." Side Street Projects/Laemmle Theaters, Santa Monica.
Nov 5 – Feb 5.
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Italy; ACM'97 Expo: 50 years of Computing, San Jose Convention Center.
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"Bodies INCorporated." Interactive installation. Bridge Art Show, SIGGRAPH,
Convention Center and Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Lousiana.
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Santa Barbara, CA.
"Terminals: Considering The End." University Art Museum, University of California
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.
"Speed, Bodies, Death." With Robert Nideffer. Dirty Windows, Berlin, Germany.

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Huntington Beach, CA.
"Virtual Concrete." Web. FIVA ONLINE 95, Montreal, Canada.
"Virtual Concrete." Networked Installation. The Transformative Object.
Santa Barbara County Administration Building, CA.
"Silicon Babe." Digital Print Installation. Comfort Women. Lincoln Center Gallery,
"Rambona." Digital print installation. Remember Yugoslavia, LA International, Sherry
Frumkin Gallery, CA; Digital print and video installation, ART in GENERAL, NYC.

“Rambona.” Digital print and video installation. Art & Design, SIGGRAPH,
Orlando, FL.
"Paradise." Digital photo and video installation. Naturally...In Central Europe,
Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary.

"Another Day in Paradise." Interactive installation. MACHINE CULTURE: The Virtual
Frontier, SIGGRAPH, Anaheim, CA.
"Another Day in Paradise." Video installation, Laguna Laurels, BC Space Gallery,
Laguna Beach, CA; Cultural Olympiad, video, World Expo, Seville, Spain.

"Sometimes a Cigar is Only a Cigar." Video installation. Virgin Territories.
Long Beach Museum, Long Beach, CA.

"Black Rain." Collaborations. Sculptural installation. Lincoln Center Gallery,
"Remember Alaska." Performance. Collaborations. ECO-fest, NYC.
"Bhopal Christmas." Video. Mediterraneo per l'Arte Contemporanea, Bari, Italy.

"Red Angel." Video installation. New Images in American Art '88, Greene St. Gallery,

"A Decade of the Alternative Museum." Collaborations. Alternative Museum, NYC.

"Red Angel." Installation. Art & Science, Aperto '86, Venice Biennale, Italy.
"No Title." Installation. Geometric Tendencies, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana,
"Blue." Installation. Fields & Fields, Seas & Seas, Carolyn Hill Gallery, NYC.

"Sacred Warrior." Video. Kunst mit Eigen Sinn, Museum of 20th Century, Vienna, Austria;
Senza Arte Ne Parte, Collegio Universitario, Torino, Italy; Survey of the 80's, Collegium
Artisticum, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
"Black Rain." Installation. Salon of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
"Black Rain." Painting. The Post-Operation Pressure Point. The World, NYC.

"Thunderbolt." Installation. Landscape as Motive, Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin,


"In Order to Shine You've Got to Burn." C.A.G.E. Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.

"Another Day in Paradise." Nature & Art. 2nd European Film & Video Festival '93,
Gelsenkirchen, Germany; Digital Salon des Refuses, Cyberspace Gallery, EZTV,
Los Angeles, CA.

"Bhopal Christmas." SANART '92, International Art Symposium, Ankara,
"Rambona." NEW ART, Cyberspace Gallery, EZTV, Los Angeles, CA.
"Vesper's Stampede to My Holy Mouth." Collaboration with Carolee Schneemann,
'92 Woman's Video, WOW Café, NYC; Taboo & Confrontation, London Film Coop, UK;
Cinescope with C. Schneemann, Museum of Modern Art, NY.

"Sometimes a Cigar is Only a Cigar." Oswego Art Guild, Herland IV Video Festival, Fukui
International Video festival, Japan, Kunstmuseum, Zurich, Switzerland.

"Red Angel." Bronze Foundry, NYC.
"Black Rain." Pyramid Club, NYC; Video Festival, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

"Bhopal Christmas." Video Art, 6th Independent Video Festival, Locarno, Switzerland;
EU-Video, Tendenze Europee a Confronto, Bologna, Italy; Video Art, SKUC, Ljubljana,
"Red Angel." Music Video. MTV "Garage Videos," CBGB's, Danceteria, Peppermint
Lounge, Mudd Club. NYC.

"Sacred Warrior." Collaboration with De Stil Markovic. Produced by TV Belgrade for
TV Galeria. Video Art, 5th International Video Festival, Locarno, Switzerland; Video '84,
Montreal, Canada; 1990 Retrospective, Performance Video '70's, 80's, Sarajevo,

"Four Minutes to Midnight." Music Video. Crazy Hearts Band, Videowave, Channel C, NYC,
CBGB's, Danceteria, Peppermint Lounge, Mudd Club. NYC.

1982 – 88
Produced Art Specials for Videowave. Saturdays, 9:30pm, Channel D, NYC.
Interviews with NY artists. Some highlights: Henry Threadgil, Fast Forward,
Elliot Sharp, Dance Noise, Carolee Schneemann, Eric Bogosian, Lena Lovich,
Stephan Lupino.


1995 "From Movement to Gesture: Magdalene Odundo." University Art Museum, University
of California Santa Barbara.
1993 "The Internal Language of the Brain Translated into Music." Xiadong Leng and
Gordon Shaw, University of California Irvine.
1992 "S.A.F.E." System for Aneutronic Fusion Energy. UCI / Advanced Physics Corp.
1989 "Discovery of Strangeness." Dr. Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel Laureate.
"The Science of Preventing Wars." The Physicist Who Changed Gorbachev's
"Biochemistry of Emotions." Norman Cousins.
"Seventh Wave – Papillon's escape from the Devil's Island and the Theory of Waves."


Presenter, “Sonification (what, where, how, why), A Symposium,” École Supérieure d'Art
d'Aix en Provence, Aix en Provence, France, Mar 4 – 5.
Presenter, “Art in the Age of Nanotechnology,” Visual Arts Program, Perth International Arts
Festival, John Curtin Gallery, Perth, Australia, Feb 5 – Apr 30.
Panel, “New Media/New Terrain: Pioneering a PhD in Creative Research, New Media
Caucus, CAA Conference, Chicago, Feb 12.

Keynote, “Sound Thinking in Art Making,” Microwave International New Media Festival,
Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Hong Kong, Nov 15.
Presenter, “Exploring the Nano in Art and the Art in Nano,” Annual Meeting Sessions, NISE
Network, Nanoscale Informal Science Education, San Francisco, Sep 15.
Creator/Organizer, Sound + Science Symposium, Art | Sci Center, UCLA, Mar 5-6.
Co-Chair, “Science And Aesthetics: Models And Metaphors,” CAA Conference, Los
Angeles, Feb 26.

“Blue Morph": ritual metamorphosis of art/science realms,” with James Gimzewski,
Immediate Art, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland, Nov 24.
Artist talk, School of Visual Arts, New York, Sep 15.
Artist talk, Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe, Symposium, Whitney Museum of
American Art, Sep 13.
Plenary talk, “Nanomandala,” with James Gimzewski, Society of Arts Seminar, Kyoto
University, Kyoto, Aug 16.
Conference speaker, “Water Bodies: Reflections on Network Ecologies,” ISEA, Singapore,
July 29.
“Blue Morph: Ritual Metamorphosis of Art | Sci Realms,” with James Gimzewski,
Consciousness Reframed, The Planetary Collegium’s IXth International Research
Conference, Vienna, July 3 – 5.
Keynote lecture with James Gimzewski, “Nano, Poetics of a New World/Nano, Poética
de um Mundo Novo,” FAAP University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Apr 8.

Plenary talk with James Gimzewski, MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences
International Conference. Prague, Municipal Library, Nov 8 – 10.
Symposium, ‘Grand Text Auto.’ UCI Beall Center for Art and Technology, Irvine, CA, Oct 5.
Plenary panel, “Intersections of Art, Education and Technology.” Second International
Conference on the Arts in Society, University of Kassel, Germany, Aug 21 – 24.
Artist lecture with James Gimzewski, ‘Nanomandala.’ University of Marseille, France,
July 24.
Conference panel, “State of the Arts,” Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive and the
UCIRA, UC Berkeley, CA, May 18.
Panel, "Women of Vision" Screening, UCLA Hammer Museum, June 3.
Artist talk, "Art | Science Collaborations: Between Blue Skies and Sobering Facts," 'Inward
Eye' Series, Fromm Institute, San Francisco, May 2.
Plenary talk with David Peat, "(in)tangibles: nanoperception and quantum world," NOW,
Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Barcelona, Mar 24.
Panel Chair. “Ecology and Ethics of Art | Science Projects.” 95th CAA Conference, New
York. Feb 17.

Lecture at the UCLA AstroBiology Society Meeting. Nov 29
Lecture at The 2nd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium, Academy
of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing. Nov 11.
Zero@Wavefunction at The 2nd Art & Science International Exhibition & Symposium,
Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Nov 11 – 25.
Water Bowls at Second Natures, Opening of the Broad Art Center, UCLA.
Sep 13 – Oct 26.
Mood Swings at Cyberfem. Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castellon (EACC), Castellon,
Spain. July 7 – Sep 17.
Water Bowls at the 3rd Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium.
July 21 – 30.
Zero@Wavefunction at the Seeing Gallery Exploratorium San Francisco. Opening
June 29.
UCIRA State of the Arts conference, Art/Science/Technology panel. May 20.
Nanomandala in Approaching Reality’s Borders. Art, Science and Technology. Museum of
Contemporary Art Sannio (ARCOS), Benevento, Italy. May 16 – 30.
THINKING ATOMS: UCLA Art | Sci Center polylogue. Apr 19.
Yahoo! Research Distinguished Lecture Series at Silicon Valley campus. Mar 29.
Information Exchange: UC DARNet Annual System-Wide Gathering. Mar 3 & 4.
ARCO ‘06 ARTE CONTEMPORANEO: Victoria Vesna participates on the panel "The Era of
Posthuman Engineering" on Friday, Feb 10, within the 4th International Contemporary Art
Experts Forum.
CAA / LEONARDO SESSIONS: Leonardo/ISAST Mentoring Roundtable Panel. Feb 22.
“Millennium Dialogue – Code:Blue.” Third Bejing International New Media Arts Exhibitions
and Symposiium, Bejing, June 10.

“Eco-Tistical Art.” 93rd CAA, Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. Feb 17.
UCLA Astrobiology Society lecture. Los Angeles, CA. Feb 8.
Artist talk with Jim Gimzewski. "The making of Nano Mandala". Location 1 Gallery. NYC.
Jan 26.
Artist talk: School of Visual Arts, New York. Jan 26.
Artist talk: "Ghosts in the Cell". Arts Encounters class with Robert Israel. UCLA. Jan 21.

Media Art Culture (MAC) 2004: Korea. May 3 – 4.
"Cellular Trans_Actions: nanobods". QI and complexity: Consciousness Reframed 2004.
6th International Research conference. Beijing, China. Nov 27.
Artist talk: "Arts Encounters" class with Robert Israel. UCLA. Jan 21.
ARCO Forum: "New Technologies/New Arts." Madrid. Feb 13.
CAA: "Administrators who maintain a significant art practice." Seattle. Feb 19.
Interdisciplinary group discussion, with Jim Gimzewski: IGERT, UCSB. Mar 12.
Artist talk. "We Live in a Molecular World". RISD: Bill Seaman's class. Apr 6.
Lecture: Science & Visualization. IGERT, UCLA. May 27.
Simulation and Other Re-enactments: Modeling the Unseen summit happening: Canada
(Banff Centre). Apr 29 – May 2.
Media Art Culture (MAC) 2004: Korea. May 3 – 4.

"Zero@Wavefunction; nano dreams & nightmares” with Dr. James Gimzewski. Visualization
Portal, UCLA. Jan 29.
Artist talk, "Arts Encounters" class with Robert Israel. UCLA. Jan 13.
"Database Aesthetics", Information Sciences, UCLA. Elizabeth Cohen's class.
Jan 27.
Artist talk. "Contemporary Issues/ Contemporary Practice" class with John Divola. UC
Riverside. Feb 25.
"From Bodies to Networks to Nanosystems and Back". Interdisciplinary Talks in the Arts
and Humanities at UCLA, Royca Hall. Apr 2.
"From Bodies to Networks to Nanosystems and Back". UC San Diego.
Featured Speaker. "Using text narratives in networked installations" Discovering Digital
Dimensions—3-D @ Purdue University. May 24.
Keynote. "The NanoMeme Syndrome". With Jim Gimzewski. Nano All Around Us:
NanoExpo. University of Wisconsin, Madison. May 31.
"Technophilia: Lecture Series" Visiting Artists Program. School of the Art Institute of
Chicago. IL. Feb 26 – 28.
"Genetics and Culture" SINAPSE Roundtable Discussion. Organizer. EDA, UCLA.
Los Angeles, CA. Mar 8.
"The Second International Symposium on Nanoarchetectonics Using Suprainteractions
(NASI 2)." Artist Presentation. UCLA International Tom Bradley Hall. Los Angeles, CA.
Mar 26 – 28.
"State of the Art" Electronic Literature Organization Symposium. Panel, UCLA, Los Angeles,
CA. Apr 4 – 6.
"Entertainment Value Conference". Center for Information Technology and Society.
University of California, Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, CA. May 4.
Keynote. "Teaching in Digital Domain" Forum for BEAP 2002 Biennale for Electronic Arts
Perth. John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology. Aug 9.
"From Bodies to Networks to Nanosystems and Back". Annual Jillian Bradshaw Memorial
Lecture for 2002. John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology. Aug 10.
Artist talk. University of Technology, Sydney. Aug 19.
"What Unifies Art and Science" Closer to the Truth Episode: Rountable Interview. KCET.
Los Angeles Public Broadcasting. CA. Airdate scheduled for Fall 2003.
Telematic Connections. Panel. Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Sep 12.
"Mind Shifting and Future Bodies: From Networks to Nanosystems". Art & Technology
Lectures. UC Berkeley. Oct 21.
"Women Beyond Borders: The Art of Building Community". UCSB Art Museum. Fall.

"Los Angeles / Berlin: Myths & Phantoms conference. Co-organizer with Ute Kirschnelle,
Goethe Institute. EDA, UC Los Angeles, CA.
"Zero@Wavefunction: nano dreams & nightmares" with Dr. James Gimzewski. ArtSci
conference: New Dimensions in Collaboration. CUNY Graduate School, New York.
"Artmedia, from Aesthetic of Communication to Net Art: Artmedia VIII Symposium".
Centre Francais du Commerce Exterieur. Paris. France. Nov 29 – Dec 1.

"Virtual Femininity: Dialogues on Body Politics, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.
Feb 24.
"Telematic Connections" Panel. San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA.
Mar 10.
"Design of Networked Public Spaces". Dept. of Graphic Design. North Carolina State
University. Mar 19.
"Bodies of Text, Bodies of Subject: Disturbing Metaphoric Metaphoric Networks in
New Media." Center for Women's Studies, UCLA. Apr 24.
"Art and the Network" Panel. Williamson Gallery of Art, Art Center College of Design.
Pasadena, CA. May 12.
"notime" Presentation. Salon @ Annenberg, USC. Los Angeles, CA. May 31.
"Information Technologies and the Social Sciences" Workshop Institute for Advanced Study
School of Social Science. Princeton, New Jersey. June 8 – 10.
"Extreme Perameters: new dimensions of interactivity". CaiiA-STAR Symposium.
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Monteserrat, France, July 11 – 12.
"Siggraph 2001: Explore Interaction and Digital Images". Conference and Exhibition.
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA. Aug 12 – 17.
"2001 California Digital Arts Workshop and Summit: The Arts and Streaming Media".
A Presentation of the American Film Institute. Los Angeles, CA. Aug 16 – 18.
"cast 01 // Living in Mixed Realities" Conference. Schloss Birlinghoven,
Bonn, Germany. Sep 21 – 22.
"From Networks to Nanosystems 9/11-N2N: Art, Science and Technology in Times of
Crisis". UCDARNet Conference. University of California, Los Angeles. Nov 28.
"The Role of Art and Technology in Times of War". S.I.N.A.P.S.E. Symposium UC
Campuses. University of California, Los Angeles. Nov 14.

Presentation: Department of Fine Arts, Amherst College, Massachusetts. Nov 9.
Artist in Residence Presentation: Walker Art Center. Sep 21.
"The Banff Curatorial Summit." Summit Participant. Banff Centre for the Arts. New Media
Institute. Banff, Canada. Aug 22 – 23.
Panel: "Banff Super Conductor: Network Collaborations, Convergent Services, ecommerce,
Tactical Media, Filling for Fat Pipes". Banff New Media. Aug 19.
Keynote: "Building a Community of People with No Time". 3rd International Digital Arts &
Culture Conference Bergen, Norway. Aug 3.
Workshop: Setting The Research Priorities For Studies Of Device-Mediated Mobility, EC2
Incubator, University of Southern California. June 21.
Paper: "Building a Community of People with No Time". Monomedia Conference. Berlin,
Germany. May 12.
Speaker: "Anticipating Design Science: Towards a Third Culture". The Design Science
Forum. The Buckminster Fuller Insitute. July 23.
Presentation: "What is net art?" Association of Art Museum Directors, Brown Palace Hotel,
Denver. June 3.
Presentation: Towards a Science of Consciousness conference, Tuscon, Arizona.
Apr 10 – 15.
Workshop organized with Roy Ascott: "Distributed Self". Towards a Science of
Consciousness conference, Tuscon, Arizona. Apr 8.
Presentation; Return to Wonder "Return to Wonder: Rethinking Museum Display in an Age
of Didacticism," UCSB.
Presentation, workshop: Symposium on Critical Issues in Net Art, UC Berkeley.
Feb 16 – 19.
Presentation: CARTAH, Washington State University. Feb 12.
Organizer: F2F: "New Media Art from Finland". Consulate General of Finland and UCLA
Department of Design | Media Arts EDA.

Panel organizer: "The World wide Web and the New Art Marketplace". 87th CAA Annual
Conference. Los Angeles. Feb 10 – 13.
Paper: Art and Science Collaborations. Cooper Union. New York. Navigating Intelligence,
Senor Artist. The Banff Centre for the Arts, Sept 9 – 12.
Invenção: Thinking the Next Millennium, São Paulo, Brazil. Aug.
Educational New Media: A Strategy Session. Banff Centre for the Arts. Aug 14 – 19.
"UC Digital Arts Research Network." (Group Poster Session). CENIC '99: Achieving Critical
Mass for Advanced Applications. Monterey, California. May 6 – 7.
Lecture: Digital Code/ Cultural Patterns. The University of Dallas Texas. Apr.

Paper: "The 2YK Project: Building a Community of People with No Time". Futuros
Emergentes Symposium: Art in the Post-Biological Era. Centre Cultural la Beneficencia.
Valencia, Spain. Dec 4 – 5.
Panel: "Beyond the Millennium: Redefining the Arts in the 21st Century." The Governor's
Conference on the Arts. California Arts Council. Dec 8.
Panel: "Authorship". The UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. UCSB. Nov. 7.
Panel: "1998 Research Across Disciplines Initiative". Institute for Theoretical Physics,
UCSB. Feb 11.
Paper: "Networked Art Marketplace: Defining a New Field". New Millennium, New
Humanities. Stonybrook, NY. Mar.
Presentation: UCLA, Rebecca Allen's class. Mar.
Presentation: School of Visual Arts, Grahame Weinbren's graduate seminar. Apr.
Co-organizer: UC Digital conference and workshop. UCSD. May.
Presentation: "Bodies as Databases". Computing Culture, UCSD. May.
Presentation: UCSC, Sharon Daniel's undergraduate class in digital media. May.
Presentation: "OPS:MEME: Building Communities of People with no Time". Australian Film
Commission Multimedia Conference, Being Connected: The Studio in a Networked Age.
Melbourne, Australia. July.
Panel: Dance & Visual Arts. Santa Barbara Museum of Art. July.
Presentation: Cinema Rex. Belgrade Yugoslavia. July 28.
Paper: "Consciousness of Time as Commodity: The Art of Attention Economies".
Consciousness Reframed conference. University of Wales, UK. Aug.
Symposium: The Architecture of Consciousness Port Eliot House in St. Germans, Cornwall
University of Plymouth's Robbins Conference Centre. Aug 23 – 25
Panel: Comparative Conceptions of Authorship. Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. UCSB.

Conference: Consciousness Reframed II. University of Wales, Newport. Beyond the
Millennium: The Role of the Arts in the 21st Century Speaker: Department of Sociology,
UCSB. Jan.
Paper: "Incorporated Avatars: Organizational Contradictions in Cyberspace". Imagina. Prix
Pixel-INA. Monte Carlo, Monaco. Feb.
Presentation: "Media Creation: Art/Technology Seminar". Center for Research in Electronic
Art Technology. Department of Music, UCSB. Mar 13.
Presentation: Mills College, Oakland. Chris Robbin's class. Mar.
Paper: "History of Art & Computing: Problems in Orgnaization of Logic and Memory". CADE
conference, University of Derby, UK. Apr.
Presentation: "Bodies INCorporated". Sensing the Future. ArtHouse, Dublin, Ireland. Apr.
Presentation: University of Maryland, Baltimore. Bill seaman's class. Apr. Department of
English. May.
Presentation: UCB. Lecture series on Contemporary art. May.
Presentation: College of Creative Studies, UCSB. Roger Freedman's class. May.
Paper: "Marketplace: Building a World of Agents and Avatars or Information Personae?".
University of Wales, UK, Consciousness Reframed conference. July.
Paper: "Avatars on the World Wide Web: Marketing the Descent". Fleshfactor, Ars
Electronica, Linz, Austria. Sep. and at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts
(ISEA) '97, Chicago, IL. Sep.
Paper: International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) '97, Chicago, IL. Sep.
Presentation: Dept. of Psychology, UCSB. Oct.
Event: Global Bodies. Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) Mediemusuem
opening. Online participant via CU-See Me. Oct.
Panel: Cross Genres, Collaborations and Unexpected Presentations. Actor's Gang.
Los Angeles. Nov.
Presentation: "History of Art & Computing". CHCI conference: Visualizing Culture. Nov.
Speaker: "CAiiA show & Tell Plymouth". CAiiA. University of Wales College, Newport.
Dec 4.

Paper: "Pedagogy in the Land of the Lost Paradigm" From Medieval Manuscript to
Presentation: "Terminal Identity: the Artist" Terminals: the Cultural Production of Death.
UCSB. Mar.
Panel: "Nurturing the Imagination: Nation under Siege". Santa Barbara City College. June.
Keynote: " Under Re-Construction: Bodies INCorporated". Veiled Histories. San Francisco
Art Institute. July.
"Online Public spaces: epistemological explorations of site". CAiiA. University of Wales
College, Newport. July 23.
Artist Talk: "Bodies (c) INCorporated". Mary Craig Auditorium. Santa Barbara Museum of
Art. Aug 17.
Poster: "Bodies INCorporated". International Symposium on Electronic Arts, ISEA. Sep.
Panel: "Artists Teaching Artists". ISEA '96. Sep.
Organizer/Presenter: "Webbed Spaces -Between Exhibition and Networks". Co-organized
with Perry Hoberman. SIGGRAPH '96. Aug. and at ISEA '96. Sep.
Panel: "Are Our Disciplines Still Relevant?" Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB.
Oct 10.
Presentation: "Bodies INCorporated". Diverse Works and Contemporary Arts Museum,
Houston, TX. Nov.
Panel: "Art-Technology: Whose Art is it going to be?" Villa Aurora, Pacific Palisades.
Dec 10.
"Life in the Universe". Workshop in Research Linking the Sciences and the Humanities.
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB. Dec 11.

Presentation: "Virtual Concrete". American Film Institute. Digi Days. LA Freewaves. LA.
Panel: "New Art, New Tools". FAR. Los Angeles.
Panel: "So What is so Revolutionary about the Digital Revolution?" LACMA. Los Angeles.
Poster: "Virtual Concrete". International Synposium on Electronic Arts, ISEA ‘95. Montreal,
Panel: "Gender, What Problem?". ISEA '95. Montreal, Canada.
Presentation: "History of Art & Computing ". Dept. of History of Art & Architecture. UCSB.
Paper: "Interface Design and Interactive Structure". Digital Input and Output. Digi-Debate.
American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA.
Presentation: "Artist & Activist CD-ROM Conference". Freewaves. USC.
Presentation: "Remember Yugoslavia". Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Bergamot Station,
Santa Monica, CA.
Paper: "Art Without Borders: World-Building in the Electronic Environment". co-organized
with Robert Nideffer. 21st Annual Conference on Social Theory, Politics & the Arts. UCSB.

Panel: Digital Dialogues. Art Center, Los Angeles, CA.
Presentation: "Rambona". Gender and Public Space. International Sculpture Conference.
San Francisco, CA.
Paper: "The Wild West and the Frontier of Cyberspace". International Symposium on
Electronic Arts (ISEA)'94. Helsinki, Finland.
Presentation: East meets West: Sources of Computer Arts within the Context of Cultural
Traditions. International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)'94. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Presentation: Long Beach Museum of Art, CA.
Organizer: International Painting Interactive. SIGGRAPH '92 Art Exhibit, Chicago, ILL.


“Tesla: Visions + Inspirations.” UCLA Art | Sci Center and Lab, California NanoSystems
Institute (CNSI), Los Angeles. June 8.

"Thinking Atoms.” UCLA Art | Sci Center and Lab, Los Angeles. Apr 19.

"Information Technologies and the Social Sciences". Institute for Advanced Studies,
Princeton. Sep 11 – 12.

Internet2/Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. Workshop, June 8 – 10.
DataMining: Assumptions and Applications.UCLA.CENIC and NLANR sponsored. Dec.
Setting the Research Priorities for Studies of Device-Mediated Mobility. EC2 Incubator.
University of Southern California. June 21.

"Human Dimensions in Knowledge Networking". NSF sponsored.

"F-e-mail". Diverse Works, Houston, TX. Nov.
"Web Sites as Project Tools". Netherlands Institute of Design, Amsterdam, Holland.
(with Judith Donath, Nik Williams and the organizers of Doors of Perception). Sep.
"Information "Bodies INCorporated". Santa Barbara Museum. Aug.

"F-e-mail -introduction to the Internet". Film and Theory Studies, UCSC. Oct.
"F-e-mail -introduction to the Internet". UCSB. Sep.

1979 – 82
Formed and led an experimental music group -CRAZY HEARTS. Numerous
performances in NYC clubs - Pyramid, Inroads, CBGB's, Danceteria, A7 etc.
Released independent records: 1981 "Re-Generation". 10" MUSIC.


(details available on request)
California Nanosystems Institute, exhibition grant.

UCLA Community Partnership grant for 3 years. Katrina Communication project.
David Bermant foundation, Water Bowls.
Laboral gallery commission, Water Bowls.
UCLA Faculty Research grant.

LACMAlab commission. Collaboration with Jim Gimzewski and Katherine Hayles.
David Bermant Foundtion: Color, Motion, Light.
UCLA Academic Technology Services.
UCLA Faculty Research grant.

Digital Media Innovation Program. 'Nanotechnology & Culture' SINAPSE conference (with
Katherine Hayles and James Gimzewski). UCLA. Fall, 2003.

California Arts Council new media grant.
UCLA Academic Senate grant.
Nomination: Rockefeller foundation.

Adobe software grant – School Partnership established.
"Digital Secrets: New Collaborations in Visual Art and Technology". Arizona State
University. Commissioned work by members of the UC Digital Arts Research Network
(UCDARNet). Nov 9 – 11.
Commission: "notime". Walker Art Center, New Media Initiatives. Co-sponsors: Independent
Curators International, New York; Banff New Media Initiatives; Beautiful Code.
Senior Art Residency, "notime" development. Banff New Media Center.
UC Digital Arts Research Network (DARNET), Multicampus Research Group: coprincipal
UCLA Academic Senate grant.
David Bermant Foundation: Color, Motion, Light.

Nomination: Kimberly J. Jenkins Chair in New Technologies and Society,
Duke University.
Commission: Dortmund City, Ruhr Visions. "Datamining Bodies".

Oscar Signorini Award. (President, Pierre Restany)
The David Bermant Foundation: Color, Motion, Light.
Research Across Disciplines, UCSB Office of Research, University of California,
Santa Barbara.
Getty Senior Researcher grant: participant in "Microcosms: Objects of Knowledge".

Inter Campus Arts (ICA) completion grant, University of California.
Research Across Disciplines, UCSB Office of Research, UCSB.

VRML Excellence Awards. World Movers: The VRML 2.0 Developers Conference.
San Francisco, California. Jan 30.

MetaTools/UCSB. "Life in the Universe with Stephen Hawking".
University/Industry Collaboration.
ICA -(Intercampus Arts) "Terminals: the Cultural Construction of Death". Book and
RAIN network.
David Bermant: Foundation: Color, Motion, Light.

Fellowship for PhD Research in Interactive Arts, University of Wales, CAiiA (Centre for
Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts)

1995 – 1998
People's Choice Award. FIVA ONLINE 95: The First Festival of Independent
Audio/Visual Arts Online Arts. Montreal, Canada.
Cactus R&D - "Virtual Concrete". New York.
Sunset Laboratories - "Virtual Concrete". San Francisco.
The David Bermant Foundation: Color, Motion, Light.
"Virtual Concrete", "History of Art & Computing". Santa Barbara.
RAIN (Regional Alliance for Information Networking) -"Virtual Concrete". Santa Barbara.
GTE Outreach grant (shared with Jo-Anne Kuchera Morin, Music Dept. UCSB).
ICA -Terminals: the cultural construction of death, an on-line visual conference, Apr ‘96
(in collaboration with Liz Brown, UCSB Museum and Connie Samaras, UCI).
UCSB Instructional Improvement - "History of Art & Computing".
Viewpoint DataLabs - "Body Construction Gallery". San Jose.

Wavefront Technologies Software, Support and Training Grant.
Instructional Improvement -"Computers & the Intuitive Edge" CD-ROM.
Faculty Research Grant - Internet/ dedicated server to Art & Theory projects.
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center grant.
Instructional Use of Computers - Computer Art Laboratory.
Inter Campus Arts - Project "Octogon" All UC Art Studios Wired.

Silicon Graphics - "Another Day in Paradise".
Multimedia Design Corp. -"Another Day in Paradise".
Graphix Zone - "Another Day in Paradise".

Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance/ Jerome Foundation/ NYSCA.

"Unfolding the Pyramids' Secrets Using Modern Physics" - Cine Golden Eagle (Best
scientific documentary).
"Sometimes a Cigar is Only a Cigar (Freud)". Honorable Mention, Oswego Art Guild.

Artist in Residence. Women's Interart Center, NY.

Artist in Residence. Roman Bronze Foundry, Corona, NY.


Member, Committee of Development, UCIRA Policy Board.
UTD Program review committee, School of the Arts & Architecture, UCLA.
Dean Review Advisory Board, UCLA.
“Digital Art,” Governor’s Committee Meeting, Senior Advisor to the Governor, Office of
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2006 ISEA international committee.

2003 – present Advisory Board, Technoetic Arts journal.

2003 – 2005 Fullbright Senior Specialist Program.

2000 – present Artist, adviser, David Bermant Foundation.
Advisory board, Planetary Collegium, Plymouth, UK.
College Art Association.
UC Digital Arts Research Network.
Advisory Board, Adobe School Program.

1998 – 1999 College Arts Association.

1997 – present Board of Directors, Light, Color, Motion: The David Bermant Foundation.

1997 – 1998 Planning Committee member: 9th Annual Governor's Conference.
Vice Chancellor of Research Policy Board.
Ad hoc committee member, UC Digital Arts.
Executive committee, Media Arts & Technology Program (MATP).
Campus Networking Committee.
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Steering committee.
Intercampus Arts, policy board.
Women Beyond Borders, executive committee.
Graduate Advisor, Department of Art Studio.
Letters and Science Computing Advisory Committee.
Academic Advisory Council, CENIC.
Academic Advisory Council web page.
Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel, UCSB.
Microcomputer & Internet Day, Feb.
Research Advisory Forum, Office of Research, UCSB.

1995 – 1996 SIGGRAPH, Committee and Coordinator of Interactive Art and international artists.
Women's Internet Council, Santa Barbara.
UCSB, Affirmative Action representative.
Intercampus Arts, policy board.
All University Conference steering committee, technology and education.
Student Art Gallery Director, UCSB.
Professional Women's Association, UCSB.
Art Studio Faculty Search Committee.
The UCSB Foundation, 69th meeting of the Board of Trustees.
Office of Community Relations, UCSB.
Art and the New Technology, UCSB General Affiliates.
Chancellor's Council.
Internet Art Projects, UCSB.
Intercampus Arts, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture.
Silicon Graphics, Inc. College of Engineering, UCSB.
Women Beyond Borders Committee.
Arts and Technology Workshop.

1994 – 1995 Computer Animation using Wavefront software, Wavefront, Santa Barbara, CA;

1993 – 1994 Media Council Representative and on the Board of Directors, Long Beach Museum,
Long Beach, CA.

1992 – present SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Computer Graphics Group)

1991 – 1992 Computer/Graphics, Interactive arts/telecommunication, SLADE Corp., Los
Angeles, CA.
Computer Graphics & Video.
Computer Graphics & Photography, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA.

1989 – 1995 AIVF, NY (Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers).

1988 Video production, Film/Video Arts, NY.

1982 Video production, Center for Media Arts, NY.
Photo silk-screening, Andy Warhol factory.
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