Media artist, performance artist, filmmaker, lives and works in Vienna

1940 born in Linz as Waltraud Lehne
Since 2005 member of the supervisory board Linz – Europe’s Cultural Capital 2009

2005 “VALIE EXPORT. Workshow”, The Essl Collection, Kosterneuburg/Austria.
Exhibition “VALIE EXPORT: Series”, Austrian Gallery Belvedere, Atelier Augarten, Vienna. Curator Thomas Trummer
“(Re)presenting Performance”, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
“Open Systems: Rethinking Art c. 1970”, Tate Modern, London. Curator: Donna De Salvo
“Die Macht der Sprache/The Power of Language”, exhibition together with Elfriede Jelinek, Olga Neuwirth, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York

2004 the artist participates in the group exhibition “The Last Picture Show: Artists Using Photography, 1960-1982”, at Fotomuseum Winterthur, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.
Exhibition “VALIE EXPORT Un die en 1967” at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla.
“VALIE EXPORT Rétrospective E la Nave Va”, MAMCO Genève.
“VALIE EXPORT” solo exhibition at Camden Arts Center, London, Sigmund Freud Museum, London
Film retrospective at the National Film Theatre, London.
Video-Laser-Speech-Text installation “Was für eine seltsame Maschine/What a bizarre machine”, shown at the exhibition “phonorama. Eine Kulturgeschichte der STIMME als Medium/ A Cultural History of the Voice as a Medium” ZKM/Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe. Curator: Brigitte Felderer.
At a retrospecitve, EXPORT presents her Expanded Cinema „up + down + on + off “ in the realm of „EXPANDED CINEMA Film“ as a spectacle, event and performance at Phoenix Hall, Dortmund/Germany.

2003 Exhibition “VALIE EXPORT Mediale Anagramme” at the Academy of Arts, Berlin, selected and organised by RealismuStudio, NGBK Berlin
Exhibition “VALIE EXPORT” in the Centre National de la Photographie, Paris. Curator: Caroline Bourgeois together with Juan Vicente Aliaga
Since 2003 head of the University Council of the University for the Arts, Linz
Member of the Academy of Arts, Berlin.

2002 some of EXPORT’s works in a soloshow are presented in a solo exhibition at Patrick Painter, Santa Monica, USA
A 6 -series video installation is developed “Die Macht der Sprache/The Power of Language”, shown in a solo exhibition “Pol’yp*to”ton”, at CHARIM Gallery, Vienna

2001 „Ob/De+Con(Struction)“, soloshow, at Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA.

2000 EXPORT is awarded the Oskar-Kokoschka-Prize Vienna.
Due to political reasons, EXPORT refuses to have the prize handed over by the conservative Austrian government. The prize is consiged by the head of the independent jury. The prize is dedicated by VALIE EXPORT to the artistic project “Mediale Analyse faschistoider Politik. Politische Manipulation und manipulative Konstruktion von Lüge und Wahrheit in Bild- und Informationstechnologien /Media Analysis of Fashistoid Politics. Political Manipulation and Manipulative Construction of Lies and Truth in the Image- and Information-Based Technologies ”. The project is presented together with Peter H. Karall, Bettina Birxa, Franz Schandl, Bady Mink, Silvia Eiblmar at the Gallery im Taxispalais, Innsbruck and accompanied by a brochure.
“Kubus EXPORT – The Transparent Space” is installed under the Gürtelbrücke 48 in Vienna.
“Ob/De+Con(Struction)”, EXPORT’s first comprehensive show of her artistic work in the U.S, at Goldy Paley Gallery, Philadelphia, curator director Elsa Longhauser

1998/99 permanent installation „Landschaftmesser/Landscape Knive“, a memorial sculpture in public space at Allensteig/Austria

1998 EXPORT and the design team Syntax/Cologne are awarded the CD-ROM prize of the Videonale Bonn for “Bilder der Berührungen”

1997 Monika Faber is curator of the retrospective “VALIE EXPORT Split: Reality” at the Museum of Modern Art, Stiftung Ludwig, Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna

1996 Generali Foundation Vienna presents her filmic work in the exhibhition “White Cube/Black Box” (together with Gordon Matta-Clark)

1995-2005 Professor for Mulitmedia and Performance at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne

1995 “Violation – Schnitte – Schnitte in die weibliche Sexualität und Psyche/Cuts in the female sexuality and psyche", a video/photography-text-speech-sound installation, (work in progress). The work deals with the female mutilation

1994-95 EXPORT is vice president at the University of the Arts, Berlin

1994 „Anagramatic Body“, a text-laser installation and „Der Schrei/The Scream“, a laser-text-video installation are both laser projections of text chronicles written by Tibetan, Buddhist nuns and monks which are projected on to black waste oil in a metal pool and the laryngoscope recording of the artist’s glottis and glossolalic speech is visualised by means of an oscillograph working in the audio range. The element of the glossolalic speech is taken from the video essay „Das Unsagbare Sagen“, made in co-operation with Ingrid Wiener and Oswald Wiener

1992 Retrospective of EXPORT’s artistic work at Upper Austrian Gallery/Museum of Linz
Film and video retrospective at the Moviemento in Linz

1991/97/99/2003 International Summer Academy Salzburg

1991-95 Professor for Design, Media/Visual Communication at the University of Arts, Berlin

1991 concept and organisation of the international symposium „Entfesselung der Geschlechter. Eine neue Lektüre zur Geschlechteridentität/Un-Leashing the Sexes – A New Reading On the Gender Identity“ for the Vienna Festival Weeks

1988 Festival Award, San Francisco International Video Festival

Since 1989 digital photographic works, computer-generated photography, for example „Stand up. Sit down“

1987 Retrospective of all her avant-garde and feature films at the National Film Theatre, London

1985 EXPORT’s feature film „The Practice of Love“ is nominated for a Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Concept and organisation of the exhibition „Kunst mit Eigen-Sinn. Aktuelle Kunst von Frauen/Art with A Sense of Its Own. Contemporary Artworks from Female Artists”, feat, with Silvia Eiblmayr, Catrin Pichler, Monika Prischle-Maier, Museum of Modern Art, Stiftung Ludwig, Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna

1983 realisation of the Avantgarde film „Syntagma“ and in 1984 of the third feature film "Die Praxis der Liebe"/„The Practice of Love“, director and script writer is again VALIE EXPORT. The film is a political thriller: a successful, joung journalist reveals the speciousness of her environment and threatens to perish under this pressure

1982 Participation at the 42th Venice Biennale, Ambiente

From 1981 on, the artist holds lectures at universities and art colleges, for example Art School of Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, the Art Institute of Chicago, Walker Art Center, Stanford University, CA etc.

In the 1980s, EXPORT is visiting professor for film, video, performance and installation at several universities in the U.S. 1983-91 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, full professor, 1987 and 1988 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco State and at a number of universities in Europe 1979 in Braunschweig, 1983/84 in Munich

1980 VALIE EXPORT represents Austria at the Venice Biennale, Austrian Pavilion (with Maria Lassnig)

1979 VALIE EXPORT’s second feature film „Menschenfrauen“/”Humanwomen" Director: VALIE EXPORT, script: Peter Weibel in co-operation with VALIE EXPORT. World premiere in 1980 at the Berlin International Film Festival, International Forum of Young Films

1978 Body performance „I (beat (it))“.
Participation at the 38th Vencie Biennale, Arte et Cinema, Opera storiche documenti e materiali attuali 1916–1978

1977 EXPORT participates at documenta 6, Kassel.

1976 first feature film "Unsichtbare Gegner"/„Invisible Adversaries“, director: VALIE EXPORT in co-operation with Peter Weibel, script: Peter Weibel in co-operation with VALIE EXPORT based on an idea of VALIE EXPORT. The film is presented for the first time at the Berlin International Film Festival, International Forum of Young Films in 1977

1975 Concept and organisation of the exhibition „MAGNA. Feminism: Art and Creativity. An overview of the female sexuality, imagination, projection and problems, suggested by a tableau of objects, images, lectures, discussions, films, videos and actions“ at Gallery Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna as well as the concept and organisation of the first symposium dealing with this subject in the realm of the 21. International Art Talks at Gallery Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna

1973 she creates the films „...Remote...Remote...“, „Man & Woman & Animal“ and the body action „Asemie or the Inability of Expressing Oneself Through Facial Expressions “
For the Expanded Cinema action „Adjunct Dislocations“, EXPORT mounts two 8mm cameras to the upper part of her body, one dorsally, the other frontally, and explores the rural and natural environment by choreographic movements
"Schriftzug Wien - Venedig" photo/literature

1972/1976 creation of drawings, films and images dealing with the representation of mental states, for example the work „Zwangsvorstellung“, sleeping with ice skates on.

EXPORT develops the photographic cycles „Körperkonfigurationen. Extremitäten des Verhaltens – sichtbare Externalisierungen innerer Zustände durch Konfigurationen des Körpers mit seiner Umgebung, in der Architektur und in der Natur/Body Configurations. Extremities of Behaviour – Visible Externalisations of Inner States by Configurating the Body with its Environment, Architecture and Nature”, she continues working on these cycles until 1982

EXPORT often stays in Belgium where she produces sculptures and actions installed and performed in the dunes and at the seaside, as well as drawings and Conceptual Photography. She also works on drawings, photo and video works dealing with the re-enactment of historical images of the female body, partly by means of video cross-fading

1972 on the occasion of a group exhibition with a number of female artists, EXPORT composes the manifesto „Women’s Art. A Manifesto“, published in: Neues Forum, Vienna, 1973.

EXPORT continues working on the photographic cycle "Identitäts Transfer/Identity Transfer“

1971/72 „Interrupted Line“, a film on time and space

1971 „Eros/ion“, a body-material interaction, is shown at Electric Cinema, Amsterdam and at other places.
First "Kinderzeichnungen/Children’s Drawings“, for example "Die Vorstellung eines Kindes Gott ist ein Mann/A Child’s Imagination of God being a Man“

1970 her video action „Split – Reality“ is screened in London.
Creation of the video installation „Touching. Body Poem"
In Frankfurt, EXPORT has a suspender belt tattooed on her thigh, „Body Sign Action“
Creation of Conceptual Photography: "Zeitgedicht/ 24 Stunden 24 mal fotografiert/Temporal Poem/ 24 Hours Photographed 24 Times"

1969 in her performance „Genital Panic“ at Stadtkino Munich, EXPORT wears trousers with the crotchcut out; in the same year, she creates the poster "Aktionshose : Genitalpanik/Action Pants: Genital Panic“ and a photo series

1969 EXPORT concerns herself with Biochemical Engineering, Biophysics, Environment Simulation, Man-Machine Relation, for example her „Tonfilm/Sound Movie" project, a bio-technical experiment where a photoelectrical amplifier is implanted in the glottis

Since 1968 film installations, actions, body performances

1968 EXPORT composes the body action and photo literature „Sehtext: Fingergedicht “, „ich sage die zeige mit zeichen im zeigen der sage“, based on Martin Heidegger

In the same year, EXPORT participates in the „2nd Maraisiade Junger Film“ in Vienna. Her film „Ping Pong“, Expanded Cinema, is awarded the Maraisiade’s prize for the most political film. This film festival showcases the premiere of the mobile and first women’s film „TAPP und TASTKINO/TOUCH CINEMA", Expanded Cinema, including an introductory text/statement by VALIE EXPORT. *

At the „1st European Conference of International Independent Filmmakers“ in Munich, „TAPP und TASTKINO/TOUCH CINEMA" is screened, accompanied by a lecture by Peter Weibel. Furthermore, it is presented by VALIE EXPORT in Vienna (Cafe Savoy), Munich (Circus Krone), Cologne (presented by Erika Mis), Amsterdam, Breda, Eindhoven and London

1967-68 first Expanded Cinema works, film actions: „Cutting“, Expanded Cinema, deals with the film editing process by means of paper – textile – body screen; „abstract film nr.1“ deals with the production of a film without using celluloid. Another idea of "abstract film n°1" was that everyone in the world could do an "abstract film n°1" according to EXPORT's specifications.

1967 Invention of her artist name VALIE EXPORT: an artistic concept and logo to be written in capital letters only

1966 first screenplay, a concept for the short film "Aus alt macht nicht neu”, an association of a metaphoric image

1965-68 EXPORT works in the film industry as a script girl at Ciné-Film, Vienna, as editor and extra

1960-64 EXPORT moves to Vienna; attends the Hoehere Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt for Textile Industry, Department Design, Diplom

1955-58 first self-portraits; attends the School for the Arts and Crafts, Linz

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